freeimu port to cortex m3

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freeimu port to cortex m3

Platform : LPCXpresso eval board with NXP LPC1343 cortex m3 processor
Application : USB HID mouse ( no drivers needed) in absolute mode.
Status : HID mouse absolute mode works, freeimu code ported and verified to work with the Processing freeimu cube display. Mouse neutral position is center of screen, which is set with the button once the IMU orientation is stable. Pitch controls mouse Y, roll controls X (wanted to use Yaw for x, but it did not work, not checked to see the issue yet). Mouse buttons not implemented, but that is trivial. Takes about a minute to stabilize the position at center of screen, after that mouse position control works to all corners of screen, but is slow and a bit jumpy.

May not be working on this for a bit, but feedback is welcome !

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Thanks Hari for your contribution!

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